• Drying Equipment

  • Calcination Equipment

  • Environmental Protection Equipment

  • Automatic Monitoring

  • Spray dryer
  • Flash dryer
  • Fluidized bed dryer
  • Drying tower
  • Paddle dryer
  • Supercritical dryer
  • Disc dryer
  • Rotary furnace
  • Cyclone dynamic furnace
  • Spray calciner
  • Incinerator
  • Gasifier
  • Shaft furnace (high purity)
  • Gas powder calciner
  • Denitration system equipment
  • Desulfurization system equipment
  • Dedusting system equipment
  • Automatic control
  • Monitoring system
  • PLC automatic control system


Shenyang Yuneng Mechanical Engineering Technology Co., Ltd. (Yuneng Technology) is a new type of technology company for intelligent industrialization in China. It is mainly engaged in technology research and development, technical services, technical consulting, technical exchanges, technology transfer, technology promotion, experimental development, standardized services, project management, research, development, design and sales of industrial automation system equipment.

The suspension furnace series products independently developed by Yuneng Technology are in an advanced position in the metallurgical/kiln industry. The main products include non-metallic mineral material deep processing system equipment (including drying, calcining and combustion equipment), which is a drying and calcining (under high temperature) method for completely rotating fluidized……



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